The Anchor Clock

In the heart of Vienna, on Hoher Markt, stands perhaps the city's most popular tourist attraction: the Anchor Clock, built over 100 years ago by Franz Matsch, a friend of Gustav Klimt. Every day at 12 o'clock sharp, many people gather to see the chimes of the large music box live. Then all 12 figures of the anchor clock pass by the spectators to the sounds of famous composers.

The figure of Maria Theresa

Probably the most famous figure of the Anchor Clock is the imperial couple 'Empress Maria Theresa and her husband Emperor Franz I. of Lothringen.' Maria Theresa was certainly the most famous Austrian regent and Archduchess of Austria, as well as Queen of Hungary and Bohemia. She had an incredible 16 children and 56 grandchildren on top of that. When the figure passes, the minuet KV355 by W.A.Mozart sounds.

Anchor Clock Souvenirs

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